RG 6U/61% Braiding (XA-RG6U/61B)

  • Audio and video cabling systems
  • Connection cable for satellite systems
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Indoor CATV, MATV, CCTV systems
Cable Construction
Bare copper AWG 18
Conductor  Construction 1/1.02 mm
Conductor diameter 1.02 mm
Insulation Material Skin foamed PE
Insulation Diameter 4.57 mm
Color Natural
 Bonded Al foil shielding Thickness 0.055 mm
 (metal sid outwards) Width 18 mm
Overlap >=35%
 Aluminum wire Construction 16/8/0.16 mm
 Braiding Coverage 90%
 Copper clad steel messenger Diameter 1.15 mm
 PVC Jacket Thickness 0.81 mm
Nominal diameter overjacket 6.95±0.15 mm
Nominal diameter over messenger 2.7±0.2 mm
Color Per request * applicable only if with messenger